Well-known partners

Even stronger together

Kammerer took another successful partnership a step further at the start of 2014. After more than 10 years of collaboration, we are now working even closer with Duisburg-based Indunorm Bewegungstechnik GmbH. Indunorm now stocks a large quantity of our DIN ball screw drives, trapezoidal screws and nuts, which has enabled the company to reduce delivery times and expand its customer base.


Rosa Sistemi: https://www.rosa-sistemi.it/
Indunorm: https://www.indunorm.eu/
QS Grimm: https://www.qs-grimm.de/
HTO: https://www.hto-haerterei.de/
Meshparts: https://www.meshparts.de/de/
TPR International: https://www.tradepressrelations.com
Wvib Schwarzwald AG: https://www.wvib.de