Ball screw drives

We manufacture ball screw drives from Ø 4 to Ø 160mm. Generally, the screws’ maximum pitch equals their nominal diameter. Steeper pitches are possible on request. Ball screws with a length of up to 15 metres are made from a single piece and are standard; longer ball screws are available on request. To date, ball screws with a length of up to 50 metres have been produced.

Special pitches (including inch pitches) are also possible. Our screw drives are manufactured to accuracy classes IT3, IT5, IT7 and IT10 according to DIN 69051 / DIN ISO 3408. On request we also supply pitch logs for our ball screws (these are standard with IT3).

The corresponding ball nuts can be manufactured to DIN standard, to in-house standard or according to customer drawings. Whether the application requires the use of a single or a dual nut for the ball screw is the customer’s decision. Depending on pitch or rated load, ball profiles with diameters ranging from 0.6 to 20mm are used.

We also deliver complete assemblies with fixed and floating bearing and nut housings. For long ball screws, we alternatively offer driven nuts including the bearing pack set. Our heavy duty range Herkules includes ball screw drives for the exceptional loads.

For designers, drawings of the ball nuts are available in various CAD formats. When you place an order, our design department can also provide you with the individual CAD data for your ball screw drive.

We also offer various seal systems and full covers for our ball screw drives.

Application areas for ball screw drives

There are two types of ball screw drives: positioning drives and transport drives. Positioning ball screw drives are used in applications in which the priority is positioning accuracy, for example in CNC machines. In materials handling and conveying systems, transport ball screw drives are used. Depending on requirements, the screw thread is rolled, whirled or ground.