Protective seals for ball screw drives

Plastic seals reliably protect Kammerer ball screw drives from ingress of dirt, dust, swarf, wood chips and other particles. Depending on the type of thread, plastic or brush-type seals are used. It is advisable wherever possible to replace the seal after a certain operating time to increase the ball screw drive’s lifespan. Through its special shape, the seal both protects the ball nut from foreign bodies and prevents leakage of lubricant. We also produce custom seals to your specific requirements: one-off production with special dimension is no problem for us. By request, we also supply plastic seals with friction-reducing additives.

Even if ball screw drives are equipped with seals, they should be additionally protected from dust, shavings and other foreign matter. Possible protection measures in addition to a seal include spiral spring covers and sleeves. Full spiral spring covers can be used for milling and cutting machines and provides the best possible protection.

Should you require a custom seal or further information, we would be pleased to advise you. You can use our online form to contact us.

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